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   NEW>>All natural, organic, and vegan private label dog treats and private label dog cbd supplements. New is our custom blend private label dog salmon oil. We also make private label dog cbd hemp treats. Need more? Private Label dog CBD oils custom blended and private label Calming Anti-anxiety dog treats. Private label dog supplements can be in powders, treats, jerky and oils. If you can think it up, we can most likely make it. We are not a broker, but the manufacturer. If you need private label dog coq10 and hip and joint or probiotics, we have it.

              Private Label dog supplements such as hip joint and private label dog probiotics are hot on Amazon!

             We custom make your private label dog supplements so you are trying to sell in crowded market place. 

Private label dog treats custom made to deliver beneficial and nutritional benefits.

   Private label dog supplements with hemp and cbd are moving fast, even Private Label dog hemp and cbd supplements in private label dog jerky. Private label dog cbd is in vogue, and highly effective for both dogs and cats.


                              Welcome home, are you ready to get started?

   We have 1,880 Private Label Dog Supplement Formulas. We make private label dog supplement powder formulas that are pet invisible plus just about any private label pet supplement formula can be designed in to a powder supplement, a soft nutritional dog treat, or a private label dog supplement jerky! You decide, we make it!

No chemicals, all natural, nutritiously healthy!

Questions? Ideas? It is the perfect time to put your thoughts, and energy into the multi-billion dollar private label pet supplements business. Private label dog treats, and private label dog probiotics or private label dog hip and joint supplements for your online business. Private label dog arthritis formulas, Private label Dog Hemp formulas, and more! Be creative with your private label dog supplement opportunity! Private label CBD for dogs is hot in the market now. Amazon is the perfect platform for your entrepreneurial spirit. If you need custom private label dog products with exotic ingredients like CBD oil, Hemp, Turmeric, Probiotics, Green Lip Mussel, Icelandic Kelp, Super Omega 3, Flax seed, egg membrane, custom enzymes and much more we have it in stock. You can create a custom private label dog supplement, without being a scientist, just be creative. We are a custom private label dog supplement manufacturer. Private label dog probiotics, or private label dog joint supplements with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid, black pepper, turmeric, if private label dog supplement creation is your goal, send us a note. We make private label dog probiotics up to 90 Billion CFU with 18  strains in a standard formula and more CFU if needed. Our private label dog supplement treats and private label dog jerky are hot on Amazon.


Out of 42 types of pet probiotics approved by the FDA, we have most of them, so no trouble for your investment. Private label organic hemp dog treats are barking off the shelves now too. Also we have exclusive ingredients you cannot get anywhere else because we license the distribution in the world of pets. Our exclusive Organic Above Sea Coral Calcium with 74 natural minerals, or go further than the competition and add our Organic Omega 3 Icelandic Green Ocean Kelp that has 6 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids. Private label dog supplements with enzymes too. We have even more great ingredients in our private label pet catalog you can have for free just by signing up. We have the license agreements in place that others cannot provide you and the Certificates of Analysis that make your private label dog probiotics or private label dog, cat, pet supplements truly unique, all natural, and with powerful results. We ship private label dog supplements and private label dog probiotics to Japan, Canada, USA, Europe, UK and Australia, you name it we might just be there.


Find us on with some creative people that we have made private label dog supplement custom products for that are very very successful and highly ranked such as #1 Bird Probiotic on Amazon Worldwide and page 1 top 3 dog stop itching probiotic. We ship around the world and growing as far away as Norway. Yes we are proud of that, and we have more great ideas we helped spirit to market world wide and can be of assitance for you too. 

              Our idea cup is running over. Need a consultant? We do that if you need more help and talent on your team.


       We now have 8+ products with 7 USA & UK Amazon Sellers that have earned the coveted #1 Amazon Label!     


 Over 25 different private label pet supplements made to order, no custom product or development fees.

              7 products now approaching or passing $1,000,000 in revenue for our sellers. We make Revenue Rocket Fuel!

                    Idea to Opportunity in 45 days! Real products you can take to the bank! We speak Amazon!

       1,880 different unique formulations to give your private label pet supplement or private label dog treat traction!


You decide the formula or let's discuss the trends and where the market is going and growing. All types of wholesale private label pet supplements for dogs, cats, small pets and horses with or without probiotics in dry powder form or wet spray on food delivery systems that are orderless and tasteless. No refrigeration is required and never a choking potential as with hard treats, tablet chewables and the rest. Never any flavor refusal issues. Our private label pet supplements are taste neutral and easily stirred in to wet or dry food. All Furry people are different to taste like humans so why lose your investment?

     All products are natural, holistic and never a chemical, plus pet invisible for perfect pet acceptance.

         We specialize in small minimum custom product test market launches of 400 units for some products.

Please email or call for details. USA 352.432.8247 International 1.813.841.3978

We can run as much as 300,000 units in 3 weeks on one production line for volume and ship worldwide.


Test market production helps you get to market without a very large and risky investment. We will give you guidance and if your idea or budget will not support a full roll out, we are here to consult with you and not let you make a mistake that can be painful. Our relationship is more than money....            

                                                                 We believe your success assures ours!

Helping you to be successful and profitable fast is both of our business!
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Contact us below to learn how to get market economically and with smaller quantities. We want to help you do it right the first time to protect and leverage your investment and potential. We also protect your investment and market objectives with channel management from interlopers that might drive down prices to gain a temporary market advantage, thus hurting you and us in the process. We are truly vested in your performance and opportunity for market share and profit rewards so we all win the market place.


Feel free to send us a note anytime, we respond within 24 hours during business days. If a call is more your style, then  please give a call to Michael at 352.432.8247 in the USA. Viber & International calls: 1.813.841.3978 or Skype: FloridaMScott to discuss, maybe meet and enjoy some of our family of products. If you need help, maybe we can develop a product with you or for you. We are interested in you, or if we can simply sell you base material and formulations that could go into your private label, we are interested.We provide more private label pet supplements and private label pet probiotics on Amazon than any other company large or small.


Amazon monthly shipments on average are 6,000 to 21,000 + pieces a month in private label dog, cat and pet supplements. We are the largest private label pet probiotics supplier to Amazon FBA DC's World Wide.


 Sign up for our free private label pet probiotics and private label pet supplements catalog, or send us a note below.




Private Label Dog Cat Animal Pet Probiotics

Wet or Dry Formula.

  Private Label, All Natural Probiotic Pet Supplements. Pet Probiotics

Wholesale & Manufacturing.


We also can put you in touch with pet, and animal ingredient experts, consultants or a

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to make sure we both get it right the first time.

     Amazon FBA FBM Supply Chain & Selling Experts!






Go to Amazon with us, and we will get you selling quickly and easily. We even have our own paid Amazon Professional Consultants you can use, proven big gun sellers. We offer private consulting services to help you make it online or on Amazon. Some of our customers are very profitable online sellers. Not only on Amazon moving thousands of our and other products monthly but inside their own online stores.

We are growing out across Amazon, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, Asia, and online

in 2015-2016

We are pleased to announce that we have earned the trust, and respect of one of the largest online pet retailers We are proudly making the first private label probiotics products for the company that will be available shortly on their site. What a nice honor when you make real products, that are all natural and really work as promised.

To learn more click the logo above to go to their site.

Private label number one bird probiotic on Amazon. Top 10 Dog and Cat Stop Itching spray on Amazon. Talk about storming a market our customer is on the path to break out and score big on Amazon. Every month we are seeing larger shipments and will soon sell several thousand a month. We ship directly to Amazon D.C.'s around the country to keep our customer inventory up to meet increasing demands. This same customer just added our all natural and only probiotic shampoo in North America Congratulations!

We import, export, retail, wholesale, license, patent, invent, pet probiotics, private label pet dog cat horse probiotics and nutritional private label pet treats.


Plus, now we even manufacture for two of our competitors. We cross sell our products, so you might be paying more somewhere else. All bottling and processing is completed in a FDA USA Certified 60,000 square foot building in Florida. All products are 100% All Natural Always, Never a Chemical.



    Product of USA  World Wide Shipping & FBA

FDA Inspected Facility

GMP Certified Facility

As we are seeing wider demand for Private Label pet probiotics and Private Label pet supplements, and now especially private label dog hemp and private label dog cbd. We are also supplying Amazon European sellers, Australia, Online merchants and other Asian markets. This expansion expedites manufacturing, reduces shipping times and cost to market while increasing economies of scale for all stake holders. Stay tuned as we come on line in Asia and grow out Amazon FBA FBM.

Private Label Pet Probiotics

Private label dog cat pet probiotics

All products are odorless, tasteless, and no chemicals. No refrigeration ever required. Easy to apply.


No fussing, no chasing, never a feeding issue!

Pawsitively All Natural, Naturally!

Fastest Growing Fastest Selling Private Label Pet Stop Itching Spray on Amazon. The only probiotic dog stop itching topical spray on Amazon and number #1 still for almost three years.

Wholesale Private Label Pet Supplements with Probiotics from 50M CFU up to 300b CFU and 74 Natural Earth Minerals. Ultimate Private Label Pet Supplements with Probiotics, Glucosamine MSM, and non shark Chrondrotin. We can meet Amazon approval requirements. If your are selling on Amazon you will need proof or your products will be pulled or worst dumped!


                                       100% All Natural. 100% Pet Invisible.

No chasing, No smell, No choking, No nasty flavor, No angry owners, leaving bad reviews!

             Spray in or Stir & mix in, serve, done! No pills, tablets, no pill pockets, no issues!

If you have joined any of the various Amazon training programs, now is the time to put it to work. It does not matter which country your are in. We know how to get you to the next level. We support some of the largest earners in the system and their rankings prove it. Look them up. If you are looking to add a MLM, DS, or Affilate program to your mix we know exactly how to do it and even have the software from IDSTC.

Our goal is from Idea to Opportunity in 45 days or less no matter where in the world you are selling or inquiring from!

Have an idea, maybe want to make a competitve product, improve a current product, or just getting started, We do That!

Private Label dog treats that are healthy, soft, no choking, great for little dogs and big dogs. Our private label dog treat supplements can be laser focused to serve up probiotics, digestion issues, hip and joint issues, flea treats, and even vision and coat private label dog treats.

Private Label Pet Supplements

Private Label Dog Treats

Wholesale Private label pet supplements manufacturing.

We ship to Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, more. 

Largest private label pet soft chewable treat and supplement provider to Amazon FBA. Probiotic, Flea, Hip & Joint, Vision, Hypothyroidism and much more!

Private Label Dog Glucosamine

We are now shipping nutritional and supplemental soft and freeze dried pet treats to Amazon world wide and made here in the USA. These are the first Private Label all natural treats of this kind to the pet catagories on Amazon. Private Label dog, cat and soon horse treats for our Furry People friends made to order, plus custom four color bags. To know more click the link to our sister company above.

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